Monday, March 19, 2012

Shortly after arrival

     Inside that building is a swimming pool and workout room.  For several months, I walked forty-five minutes a day, Monday through Friday, to get there.  As you can see, my belly area needed the attention.

  To my left is Sunny.  To my right is Harry, her brother.  They drove a couple hours to pick me up after my arrival at the Busan airport on October 19, 2008. 

     To my left is Grace, their mother.

     I had interviewed with an administrator for a school in Pohang, but that didn't work out.  Still, I got in the internet to see what I could learn at Pohang.  I read about POSCO steel, the number one steel making factory in Korea.  That is behind me in the picture to your right.
     Grace, Sunny, and Harry drove me to Pohang during my first weekend in South Korea.  Turns out, they liked to go there to enjoy seafood.

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